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Trade License for a non EU citizen

For Non EU citizens the zivnostensky application system can be complex. As a non EU citizen, you need to apply for your zivnostensky list first, then your visa. The whole process takes a few months and you will need to apply for your visa outside the Czech Republic.

The zivnostensky trade are broken up into qualified and unqualified trades. If you wish to use a qualified trade on your zivnostensky list you will have to prove your qualifications or experience.
You will need to choose at least one trade for yourself to use on your zivnostensky list.

Unqualified trades
If you choose any of the unqualified trades then the application process is simplified.

Once you have chosen a trade, we will need power of attorney from you to make the application on your behalf.

If you are not in the country but still wish to apply for a zivnostensky list before you come here. We can help you through the required steps.

Contact us for more information.

As a 3rd country national you will need to prove you have suitable health insurance as part of you visa application process.
Where required we can register you with a Czech health insurance company.