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Czech visas

Czechpapers help with all type of visa applications.

Employment/work visas

When you have a work permit, you will still need a visa.
Czechpapers can help you apply for a Czech visa with the minimum of fuss. We offer a complete service where we provide visa services along with work permit applications.

Family visas

If you are an EU citizen and your spouse or partner are not from the EU, we can help you apply for the correct type of visa for a family member, whether it is for a spouse partner or child.

Self employed visas

If you wish to be self employed in the Czech Republic, as a minimum you will need a zivnostensky list. We can help you apply for a zivnostensky list and a visa.

Partnership visas

If you are non EU and live with an EU citizen, it is possible that you can apply for a "partnership visa". In a true sense it is not a visa, it is a 5 year residence permit and it gives the partner 5 years residence in the Czech Republic with the basically the same rights as an EU citizen.

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