We Czech your papers.

Czech work permits

It is difficult for companies/businesses to keep up with the constantly changing visa laws and sometimes a company is willing to offer a job to someone but, is not willing to do the paperwork.
This is where Czechpapers comes in.

As an employer

In the case that you have a company here in the Czech Republic and wish to hire someone, Czechpapers can work on power of attorney and proccess the work permit and visa application for your company and prospective employee.

As an employee

If you have been offered a job in the Czech Republic and need help with the visa application, Czechpapers can help.
We can work with the hiring company on your behalf.
Once a company has agreed to hire someone, we can work on power of attorney and can make the application and work through the process on behalf of the company.

Work Permit and visa

We charge 6000 kc for our services, including employment office stamp and translations, with no hidden fees.
You would need to pay for your trip to a nearby Czech embassy or consulate and for your visa application.
An employment visa application currently costs 100 Euro.

If you have any questions contact us for more information.