We Czech your papers.

What can Czechpapers do for you?

Czechpapers can help you with:
Work permits for the Czech Republic.
Visas and/or residency permits for the Czech Republic.
EU registration or residency permits for the Czech Republic.
Trade licenses for people who wish to be self employed.
SROs a Czech equivilant of an LLC/Ltd.
Czech insurance, we are licensed by the Czech national bank.
Acccounting services

We help people with all types of document issues and represent clients at relevant offices (tax, social health etc).

We cover all areas of working and living in the Czech Republic.

We also help with applying for business licenses (zivnostensky list) with the relevant visas.

We can help you set up an S.R.O. and apply for the relevant visa and residency permits and visas for company owner/directors.

For people already in business we can help represent your business at the local offices.

Temporary or long term residence permits.

Czechpapers helps you through the application process step by step, providing you with detailed information on which documents are required.

We apply for all the relevant documents on your behalf, and arrange the required translations and notarized documents.

We can help companies wishing to employ non Czechs.

We can accompany you during required visits to the Czech authorities.