We Czech your papers.

Non EU pricing

This is a list of our basic non EU pricing.
We provide personal case by case services.
These prices are set as a guide.

Please contact us for a personal quote.

Hourly rate
500 CZK per hour

Czech work permits
5000 CZK +

Registering document changes:
(address, passport, marital status, etc.)
1800 CZK

Trade license (zivnostensky list)
4900 CZK, without visa
7500 CZK, with a Czech visa

Short term visa (90 days)
1450 CZK

Long term visa (90 days +)
5400 CZK

Long term visa (jednatel)
4500 CZK

Partnership visa
8000 CZK

Registration of short/long term visa with foreign police
1200 CZK

Extension/renewal of visa
5500 CZK
extension (jednatel) 5500 CZK
extension (trade license) 5500 CZK

Please note:
These are prices for our services and do not include the relevant notary, translations and health insurance.
Our pricing includes
Our pricing does not include